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This opportunity allowed him to meet partners, to promote existing cooperation and above all to share our vision on future plant conservation projects in the PAs managed by Madagasikara Voakajy. This training which are a very beneficial opportunity to him to talk and to discuss with the financial partners of Madagasikara Voakajy.

October was a very exciting month, two days to remember for Miavotra women’s group in Mangabe protected areas. This wonderful group of women welcomed their first and second wave of clients. For the Aqua-Firma group, it was October 9. A parade was organized to show our ecotourist the evolution of the students.

Let us recall that, they followed sewing course during 11 sessions. These workshops were created with the initiative of Madagasikara voakajy (MV), with women's groups to provide alternative income opportunities.

Lake Tseny and its forest adjacent contains endemic aquatic and terrestrial species, and many endangered species such as the fish Damba menarambo, freshwater turtle Bihara, the aquatic bird Ardeola idea, the lemurs Propithecus sp. and the forest species Dalbergia sp. On the other hand, these places are also the basis of the livelihood of the local people.



Dear Friends and Partners,

Each and every year Madagasikara Voakajy relies on generous donors like you to help us continue our essential work to save Madagascar’s endemic species and natural habitats from extinction. Currently, many of the villages where we work are facing extreme water scarcity. But you can help!

This year we have partnered with Conservation Allies in a Year-End Fundraising Campaign. The campaign will end on the 31st December 2022, Conservation Allies will match any donations raised for Madagasikara Voakajy. This means that your year-end gift will DOUBLE. A donation of $25 will become $50, that of $75 will become $150, and an especially generous gift of $100 will become $200.  

Regardless of the amount, every gift matters. With your kind support, we will help children, youths, and adults in the village of Antaravy gain secure access to water in 2023. Antaravy is located in northern Madagascar and it holds key sacred areas for the region. It is also supports key habitat for the Endangered crowned lemur, Eulemur coronatus. With $10,000, we will be able to:

  • conserve water from a traditional well in Antaravy so that cattle and wild animals such as lemurs can use it all year,
  • secure the reforestation area and natural resources,
  • plant 1200 trees to strengthen crowned lemur habitat restoration.


Every gift will contribute to raising the needed funds. Can you help us make a difference today? 

Thanks in advance!


We validated in Amparihitsokatra, Ambatondrazaka District the development plan for the villages located around the Analalava and Analabe-Betanatanana Protected Areas. The participants were the mayors of the Rural Commune of Ambohidava, Ambatosoratra, Amparihitsokatra and Imerimandroso, the concerned fokontany chiefs,