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All the latest news from Madagasikara Voakajy, the Malagasy biodiversity organisation dedicated to the conservation of endemic vertebrates and their habitats in Madagascar.

The Indri (Indri indri) and Diademed Sifaka (Propithecus diadema) are among the largest lemurs of Madagascar. Both are listed Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List (Version 3.1) due to predicted population decline by 80% in the next 36-45 years caused by habitat loss and degradation and increasing hunting pressures. If Madagascar loses its lemurs, the country is likely to lose a major proportion of its income from ecotourism, while missing key ecosystem services provided by lemurs. It is therefore urgent to save the lemurs from extinction.

We are working to save the lemurs in Mangabe-Ranomena-Sahasarotra Reserve, in Moramanga District, Alaotra-Mangoro Region, eastern Madagascar. The key threats observed there are habitat loss and degradation from tavy, logging and small-scale mining, and hunting. Increase or decrease of these threats depends on people’s decisions for their livelihoods, especially those living close to the forest where lemurs survive. In this project, we particularly target youths who often did not pursue school education and are doomed to become farmers. Our challenge is to ensure they become lemur conservation ambassadors i.e. their agricultural practices will enhance lemur habitats and they will not hunt lemurs. In the future, we expect them to educate their children to adopt lemur-friendly farming techniques.

Madagasikara Voakajy et le représentant du Ministère de l’Agriculture, de l’Elevage et de la Pêche dans le district du Port-Bergé ont effectué une sensibilisation de masse sur les réglementations en vigueur relatives à la pêche en eau douce dans cinq villages aux alentours du lac Tseny. Ceci a pour but de renforcer la connaissance des pêcheurs membres de coopérative sur la réglementation de la pêche expérimentale et de faire connaitre l’importance de période de fermeture de la pêche en eau douce afin de conserver le poisson natif et endémique de Madagascar dans le lac Tseny, en particulier Damba menarambo (Paretroplus menarambo).

RANDRIANASOLO Aristide (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) est l’un des étudiants en Licence de l’Institut de l’Enseignement Supérieur du Menabe (IESM) Morondava, qui grâce au financement de Darwin Initiative et en collaboration avec Madagasikara Voakajy, a pu terminer son mémoire de Licence. Le thème de son mémoire est : La valorisation des fruits de baobab en confiture à partir de la farine des fruits de Renala "Adansonia grandidieri".

Il nous partage son expérience au cours de la réalisation de son mémoire.

From 2nd to 6th of December 2019, team from Madagasikara Voakajy have attended the training on SMART Conservation Software. The training aimed at improving skills of conservation organizations on using SMART to measure effectiveness of protected areas. Thanks to Rainforest Trust for the financial support and Pr Aristide Andrianarimisa for training the team.

Since June 2019, we are monitoring Baobab seedlings in Daraina and Nosibe rural Commune, Vohemar District. The monitoring is in collaboration with local communities and KMT from Fanamby Association. Thanks to Global Tree Campaign and Prince Bernhard Nature Fund for the financial.support.