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All the latest news from Madagasikara Voakajy, the Malagasy biodiversity organisation dedicated to the conservation of endemic vertebrates and their habitats in Madagascar.

Learning from a week in Comoros

To implement the project ‘Transforming civil society’s impact in hotspot conservation’ (funded by CEPF), I have been in Anjouan, Comoros on 03rd – 09th February 2019. This is my first time in Comoros and I learned a lot. These are my key take-home messages:

The results of Madagasikara Voakajy's previous work in the Anjiabe-Beantely complex prompted its members with the Regional Directorate for the Environment, Ecology and Forestry DIANA and the University of Antsiranana to launch the project to create the a New Protected Area to conserve threatened endemic species, habitats and the ecosystem for the benefit of local communities. The establishment of this Protected Area proceeds through several preliminary steps according to the procedure manual for the creation of terrestrial protected areas of the Protected Areas System of Madagascar developed by the Ministry of Trustees in 2008.


Responsibility: In charge of the golden Mantella (Mantelle aurantiaca) reintroduction in Ambatovy. Meanwhile, Pierre is in charge of implementing MV`s research activity in the field such as lemurs and Phelsuma pronki.

A destination for the adventurous traveller!

Early October was a great time to travel by a sealed road from Antananarivo to Moramanga then onwards by four-wheel drive track and dug-out canoe to the expedition style camp near Mangabe village.  It had rained a bit, but the mud didn’t deter our skilled drivers.


              Interview with one of the famous herpetologist team of Madagasikara voakajy Alain Rakotondrina

Alain is a herpetologist by training but has expanded his focus to lemurs and birds since a training with the Zoological Society of London in 2017. Currently, he is also the focal point for Tsinjoarivo-Ambalaomby protected area creation project and manages Madagasikara Voakajy’s report database.