Articles and reports relating to our projects.

pdf SCS Baobab Final

Ce document est une mise - à - jour de la stratégie pour la Conservation du Baobab de Grandidier, Adansonia grandidieri, dans la Région Menabe pour l`annee 2018-20122.


pdf Population trends for two Malagasy fruit bats

Tagged in Fruitbats, Madagascar, Population, Pteropodidae, Trends

Population trajectories for the two largest of these species, the IUCN-listed ‘Vulnerable’ Eidolon dupreanum and Pteropus rufus.

pdf The supply of illegal tortoise meat to Toliara City, south-western Madagascar

Tagged in bushmeat, endangered, reptiles, tortoises

A range of endemic and protected vertebrate species from Madagascar are threatened by the demand for bushmeat. We report on the number of discarded carapaces from illegally killed Critically Endangered radiated tortoises Astrochelys radiata in an urban centre in south-west Madagascar. 

pdf Habitat use by the endemic Malagasy bat Hipposideros commersoni in a littoral forest

Tagged in bats, conservation, ecology, habitats

We investigated habitat use by the endemic Malagasy bat Hipposideros commersoni in evergreen littoral rainforest during the wet season in 2006, in order to better inform conservation guidelines. We used radiotracking to locate roosting and foraging sites.

pdf Bat News Winter 2015

Tagged in bats, news

This winter in the UK (summer in Madagascar), the Bat News of Bat Conservation Trust features the Bats of Madagascar.

pdf The effects of environmental education on children's and parents' knowledge and attitudes towards lemurs in rural Madagascar. 2014

Tagged in children, education, families, lemurs

Rakotomamonjy, S.N., Jones, J.P.G., Razafimanahaka, J.H., Ramamonjisoa, B. & Williams, S.J.