Articles and reports relating to our projects.

pdf Do bats need trees?

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pdf Monastic Myzopoda: the foraging and roosting ecology of a sexually segregated Malagasy endemic bat

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M. Ralisat, F. R. Andriamboavonjy, D. Rakotondravony, O. R. Ravoahangimalala,
F. H. Randrianandrianina and P. A. Racey. 2010. Journal of Zoology 282, 130-139.

pdf Long-term monitoring of tropical bats for anthropogenic impact assessment: gauging the statistical p

Tagged in bats, conservation, monitoring

Christoph F.J. Meyer, Ludmilla M.S. Aguiar, Luis F. Aguirre, Julio Baumgarten, Frank M. Clarke, Jean-François Cosson, Sergio Estrada Villegas, Jakob Fahr, Deborah Faria, Neil Furey, Mickaël Henry, Robert Hodgkison, Richard K.B. Jenkins, Kirsten G. Jung, Tigga Kingston, Thomas H. Kunz, M. Cristina MacSwiney Gonzalez, Isabel Moya, Jean-Marc Pons, Paul A. Racey, Katja Rex, Erica M. Sampaio, Kathryn E. Stoner, Christian C. Voigt, Dietrich von Staden, Christa D. Weise and Elisabeth K.V. Kalko. Biological Conservation 143, 2797-2807.

pdf Conservation assessment of the critically endangered frog Mantella aurantiaca in Madagascar

Tagged in conservation, endangered, frogs

Roma Randrianavelona, Harisoa Rakotonoely; Jonah Ratsimbazafy and Richard K. B. Jenkins 2010. African Journal of Herpetology 59, 65-78.