Articles and reports relating to our projects.

pdf Promoting fruit bat conservation through education in Madagascar

Tagged in bats, communities, conservation, education

O’Connor, T.  Riger, P. and Jenkis, R. K.B. International Zoo Educators Journal 42: 26-33.

pdf Habitat use and conservation of bats in rainforest and adjacent human-modified habitats in eastern Madagascar

Tagged in bats, communities, conservation, ecology, habitats

Randrianandrianina, F., Andriafidison, D., Kofoky, A. F., Ramilijaona, O. R. Ratrimomanarivo, F.H., Racey, P. A. and Jenkins, R.K.B. Acta Chiropterologica 8: 429–437.

pdf A review of the genus Scotophilus (Mammalia, Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae) on Madagascar, with the description of a new species

Tagged in bats, ecology

Goodman, S.M., Jenkins, R.K.B. and Ratrimomanarivo, F.H. Zoosystema 27: 867-882.

pdf The distribution and conservation of bats in the dry regions of Madagascar

Tagged in bats, conservation, ecology, populations

Steven M. Goodman, Daudet Andriafidison, Radosoa Andrianaivoarivelo, Scott G. Cardiff , Edina Ifticene, Richard K. B. Jenkins, Amyot Kofoky, Tsibara Mbohoahy, Daniel Rakotondravony, Julie Ranivo , Fanja Ratrimomanarivo, Julie Razafimanahaka and Paul A. Racey. Animal Conservation 8: 153–165.