October was a very exciting month, two days to remember for Miavotra women’s group in Mangabe protected areas. This wonderful group of women welcomed their first and second wave of clients. For the Aqua-FirmaAqua-Firma group, it was October 9. A parade was organized to show our ecotourist the evolution of the students.

Let us recall that, they followed sewing course during 11 sessions. These workshops were created with the initiative of Madagasikara voakajy (MV), with women's groups to provide alternative income opportunities.


This training took place in June, MV gave them embroidery and sewing lessons without any previous experience. After the fashion show and dancing time with the local communities, our women showed their products. There was little purse, totebag, handbag,bag  with embroidery of our stars: Mantella auriantiaca , Indri indri , Phelsuma pronki, Foodia sp…. Another product, were hats and basketry items.

Another important date to them was the 13th of Octobre, the Chester ZooChester Zoo team, second vague of customers came. They were so delighted that our partners were there to encourage them. Ater these 2 sales, our group earned enough money to save it in microcredit bank. And we are happy to say that they have an account now.

In fact, these women are not only sewer but the pillar of every household. She takes care of the house, the cooking, the maintenance, the farming and the education of the children. In order to have these items ready, they put in a lot of efforts like sewing in the nights while doing household chores.  More importantly, they also sew for their families and recycle fabrics to make other items such as bags and skirts. Our goal is to sell their product internationally. The product is organic, sustainable and of course ethical.

All these achievements are due to our funders, and we are deeply grateful for the initiatives of Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP)Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) and KSMA. We can say without hesitation that they support superheroes.