Lake Tseny and its forest adjacent contains endemic aquatic and terrestrial species, and many endangered species such as the fish Damba menarambo, freshwater turtle Bihara, the aquatic bird Ardeola idea, the lemurs Propithecus sp. and the forest species Dalbergia sp. On the other hand, these places are also the basis of the livelihood of the local people.

In order to involve the communities around the Tseny Lake in effective sustainable management of the renewable natural resources that exist in the area of ​​its land and in the conditions provided by the valid law, Madagasikara Voakajy has implemented the transfer of management of renewable natural resources to the four Vondron’ Olona Ifotony (VOI) located in five Villages around Tseny Lake freshwater area, Rural Common Tsaratanana I, Port-Bergé District, SOFIA Region. The transfer of management to the four VOI will also harmonize the protection of biodiversity and the development of humanity.

This initiative is under the direction of DREDD, DRPEB, DRAE, SOFIA Region and the local communities with the support of technical partner Wildfowl & Wetlands (WWT)Wildfowl & Wetlands (WWT) and financial partner of the Darwin InitiativeDarwin Initiative.