This opportunity allowed him to meet partners, to promote existing cooperation and above all to share our vision on future plant conservation projects in the PAs managed by Madagasikara Voakajy. This training which are a very beneficial opportunity to him to talk and to discuss with the financial partners of Madagasikara Voakajy.

The goals focused mainly on the expenditure of the ongoing projects, on other plants research project, for their conservation and for local people development. Additionally, the visits of many research laboratories, the botanical gardens and the herbarium, in Cambridge, Kew and Chester Zoo in the United Kingdom greatly impacted his vision on developing plant project in MV PA’s.

Currently, his visit-exchange and training are continuing at Chester, with the Chester Zoo team until December 15th. The visit at Chester Zoo in different field on plant research were very instructive. This was an opportunity to him to meet plant experts and it was a very great experience. His visit will be also continuing at scientific writing and learning machine and so more which are a great opportunity to him for his ongoing PhD.

With a great pleasure to thanks finally Tony Williams Conservation Foundation (TWC) to attribute him an award that enable him to do this visit-exchange and training project in UK. Also, it was a great pleasure to meet Me Diane Williams at Chester ZooChester Zoo for the contribution of the TWC Foundation to the conservation of Malagasy biodiversity. Great thanks also to Chester Zoo Field Program, mainly for Charles and Claire, for organizing all of itinerary and training program during this project. Thanks to all partners and team, Fauna and Flora International (FFI)Fauna and Flora International (FFI), Global Trees Campaign (GTC)Global Trees Campaign (GTC) in Cambridge, Royal Botanical GardensRoyal Botanical Gardens, Kew (RBG, Kew) for their warm and welcome hosts, by sharing, exchanging expertise and knowledge.