For implementation of this project, Madagasikara Voakajy worked closely with three communities; VOI Mintsinjo Ny Ho Avy (Fokontany Bepeha), VOI Mandray Fombandraza (Fokontany Andoviana), District of Mahabo and VOI Fiarovantsika (Fokontany Betainkilotse), District of Morondava.

In November 2019, each community have renewed their leader board members and more of them are new in natural resources management process. In June 2020, we conducted the first training of each community leaders in their roles and responsibilities against resources management according to their validated contract with DREDD Menabe (Direction Régionale de Développement Durable de Menabe) team and Commune representant. Many topics tools are given to the community such as use and signification of Management plan, patrolling, reporting and financial administration of association and association lifestyle and duties and right of each member and evaluation of their activities through resources management will conducted every six months to check how they apply them. A large meeting with community and stakeholders is needed to identify all development opportunities to the communities that is adequation with natural resources sustainable management and local situation. Covid-19 pandemic situation is somewhat restricted us to conduct such a meeting for now.