In January 2023, Madagasikara Voakajy teams hosted a special expedition in Mangabe. 15 partners from Chester ZooChester Zoo were there to help us  promoting the conservation and sustainable use of Madagascar’s endemic species. Each of them shared us expertise in :


  • Communication and marketting to help, inform our communication strategy,
  • Maintenance, in electricity and plumbery,
  • Fish water survey to identify endemic species in the mangabe protected area,
  • Community engagement to help in raising awarness and guiding technics,
  • Nursery, improving our nursery management.


20 MV teams were involved with 15 local communities and at least 20 members from local group ( Women, youth, Community Based Organization (CBO). The expedition lasted 10 days at Mangabe Camp. With this experience all of CZ team understood the importance of their work.

They did not just give us their  tools, time and energy  but also their heart too. Because  now, they are heartfully convinced that, supporting Mangabe is part of their mission too.

The expedition allowed us to strengthen our relationship with Chester ZooChester Zoo as a partner, bringing together our goals of conserving and protecting Mangabe for the future.