The Mangabe – Ranomena – Sahasarotra New Protected Area (NPA) is located in the Moramanga district. The decree of its creation was published on April 2015, the 21st  (Décret N° 2015-725 du 21 Avril 2015).


From July, 15th to August 17th, our team carried out a field work there, led by Voahirana RANDRIAMAMONJY. The main purpose of our trip was to inform the villagers living around the NPA about the official decree.

But the sensitization about the decree was not all we did that time. We also organized a capacity building session in collaboration with the Circonscription de l’Environnement, de l’Ecologie et des Forêts (CIREEF) Moramanga. This second activity was conforming to the guidelines of Mangabe's management plan. MadagasikaraVoakajy collaborated in reinforcing the capacity of the leaders of six VOIs (the presidents, the vice presidents, the secretary and the treasurers) and of patrols. The topics of the capacity building session were forestry laws and infractions, management of the NPA, the community life and the system of patrolling. Therefore, 24 leaders and 32 patrols were trained.

At the same time, we also executed the projects we designed in the landscape management plan and the environmental and social safeguard plan. This last activity consisted in building the capacity of the communities. In this purpose, VOIs of the six villages nearby the NPA could benefit from trainings about improved agricultural skills(crop rotation, composting technique ; plantation of bean crop, maize, upland rice and cassava) and ranching national chicken. These training were made possible by the collaboration with the  Circonscription de Développement Rural (CIRDR) and the Circonscription de l’Elevage (CIREL) Moramanga. Well above 200 community members have been trained and pilot households were selected to adopt the new practices in alternative to the « tavy ». 

These households will be supported by the Madagasikara Voakajy’s team. They will be given seeds and equipements for the coming agricultural season and the MadagasikaraVoakajy team, with the help of the technical services, will carry out the monitoring and evaluation. This would be done, in order to fully synergize the local development and the sustainable management of natural resources in the NPA.