We are looking forward for the 2014 festival in Mangabe. Each community-organization have now developed their projects with the rewards received during the 2013 festival:


  • Five schools and a meeting room will be repaired,
  • One organization office will be built,
  • A football team will be equipped with balls and shirts,
  • Rice, beans and corns will planted to start-up a cooperative,
  • Eucalyptus trees will be planted for community use.

At every fieldwork, Madagasikara Voakajy teams are going to take photos of the progress for each project. Achievements will be taken into account for the evaluation in April 2014, in addition to the conservation status of the native forest within the management area. Members of each organization are aware and are ready to do their best.

Funding for the rewards were raised by Bangor UniversityBangor University students at the Madagascar Evening organized on 27th April 2013 at the Welsh Mountain ZooWelsh Mountain Zoo. We are very grateful to all those who participated. Matched funds were also received from the Size of WalesSize of Wales.