We support local communities to conserve and use natural resources through a strong emphasis on traditional forms of management

Madagascar's impressive network of strictly protected areas has more or less successfully preserved these areas, which are of cultural, biological and economic importance, for future generations. However, the expanding rural population (not to mention the urban one too!), is heavily reliant on natural resources, especially products or services provided by native forests and wetlands.

Working at priority sites for our focal species we support local communities to manage and conserve forests and rivers. Broadly, this involves improving the organisation of local communities, provision of training or equipment, liaison with the authorities and small development projects.

In all cases we 'test the water' first and in every case so far there has been widespread consensus amongst communities that better management of natural resources is needed to improve livelihoods, generate more income, maintain culturally important sites and species.

Because we are a small organisation and a critical aspect of community-work is developing trust over time, we limit ourselves to a small number of key sites in the Anosy, Aloatra Mangoro and Menabe regions.